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The Competitive AR-15 II, Ultimate Technical Guide

The Competitive AR-15 II, Ultimate Technical Guide


Vendor: Zediker Publishing

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Product Description

The Competitive AR15: the ultimate technical guide takes an indepth look at every system component and rifle configuration in a total of 30 segments.

To help answer the questions of what to get and what to do, this book features detailed segments on a dozen different project rifles. Six were full-custom NRA Match and Service Rifles, cost no object, best of the best versions that defined my ideas of the "ultimate" AR15. I also took a look at the other end of that spectrum and evaluated two factory-built target rifles. I built up carbines, tactical, varmint, and even .22s!

That's not all that's in here, of course, because each and every major system and component set gets its own separate segment: magazines, bolts and carriers, gas system, triggers, stocks, forends, sights (optics too), even firing pins!

There's a huge HANDLOADING segment, as you would expect... A lot has changed over the past few years, and here's the low-down on what's working and what's not. It can be easy. Also, there are several cartridge alternatives now, like the Grendel, and all are featured in this segment.

The "Big Gun" gets its own pair of segments, one for ammunition and one that addresses the construction of a custom-built competition rifle.

The scope is expanded, the information is complete, and the focus is detailed. It's way better than the first and that's partly because there is so much more now to talk about!