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The Competitive AR15 The Mouse that Roared

The Competitive AR15 The Mouse that Roared


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Product Description

The original! The Competitive AR15 is a complete and detailed study of our newest precision rifle sensation: the super accurate AR15. This rifle has taken the world of NRA High Power Rifle by storm, winning every individual National NRA Service Rifle Championship for the past five consecutive years, and, of course, G. David Tubb and his SR-25 won Camp Perry in 1997. Find out why: all the answers are in this book.

Every aspect of modifying, shooting, maintaining, and handloading for match-grade AR15s is stripped down, turned inside out, and shook to pieces. Service Rifles and Match Rifles are treated separately and completely, as are "special purpose" AR15s such as IPSC and varmint rifles.

There have been AR15 books, and there will be more, but there is no other that offers such a complete analysis, truly useful, practical information, and details, details, details as does The Competitive AR15.