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Service Rifle Slings

Service Rifle Slings


Vendor: Zediker Publishing

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Product Description

A COMPLETE guide to choosing, assembling, and using M-1907 and web slings for CMP/NRA Service RIfle Competition.

It's Slings & Things "Lite."

This book came through after I took a look at Slings & Things and realized that it might indeed be wise to focus on the information geared to Service RIfle shooters and also then expand it as much as possible to provide these folks with way more than they ever bargained for. I like that. As said in the material on Slings & Things, it was this very idea, and material, that led to the whole Basics And Beyond Series, and to Slings & Things hisself.

Although the books share essential information and photos, there are many NEW things in Service Rifle Slings that aren't in the larger book. That in no way detracts from Slings & Things but does point up the essence of Service Rifle Slings. That's all it is, but that's a lot. I managed to add a good 10 pages to the material contained in Slings & Things. For instance, there's even more detail in the assembly and mechanics materials, and a step-by-step sequence for another hook up method that's not in Slings & Things.